Environmental Policy Example

We recognise that superior environmental performance is critical to the achievement of our goal of being a world-class producer and securing our social license to operate. We will continually improve our performance through the implementation of an effective Environmental Management System and specifically:

  • Prevent pollution of land, air and water by ensuring our facilities, procedures and culture are of a high standard.
  • Empower our people to take personal responsibility to prevent environmental harm through the delivery of appropriate environmental training.
  • Conduct research to better understand and manage our impacts.
  • Conserve raw materials such as energy and water.
  • Operate efficiently and avoid the creation of unnecessary waste.
  • Progressively rehabilitate disturbed areas and accrue adequate funds for final closure.
  • Deal openly and honestly with regulators and the community and respond quickly to community concerns.

We acknowledge that we are temporary custodians of this site and will return it to a safe and stable condition in accordance with the expectations of the regulatory authorities and the community and with all environmental, community and heritage values intact.

General Manager