Inspection Sheet


Inside Housekeeping

  • Is the workshop free of litter?
  • Are tools and equipment not in use properly stowed?
  • Are walkways free of clutter and trip hazards?
  • Is the workshop floor clean?
Inside Hydrocarbon Spillage

  • Is the floor clean of oil?
  • Is used oil captured in containers and sumps?
  • Is oil absorbent readily available for oil spills?
  • Are floors routinely washed?
Outside Hydrocarbon Spillage

  • Is all spilt oil contained on the concrete pad?
  • Is soil free of oil spills?
  • Are all hydrocarbons stored within the bund?
Waste Management

  • Are adequate bins in place?
  • Are bins clearly labelled for specific wastes?
  • Are wastes properly segregated into the right bins?
  • Is there sufficient storage capacity in bins?
  • is there a functional waste removal system?

Inspected by: ___________________________________(ENVIRONMENT)